The Road So Far…..

30 Before 30: What I’ve done so far…

*Cut my hair into a blonde pixie. Check!



Fertility Stuff: How we made a baby from my obstinate nethers.

October 2007: Married

January 2009: Pulled the goalie. (The goalie being hormonal BC.)

February 2010: Started actively trying.

February 2011: Went to my first OB to see what the heck was going on.

March 2011: Started taking Metformin.

May 2011: First round of Clomid. BFN.

June 2011: Second round of Clomid. BFN.

July 2011: Third round of Clomid. BFN.

August 2011: Increased dosage of Clomid to 100 mg. Changed to extended release Metformin, as my belly was constantly aching. BFN.

September 2011: Fifth round of Clomid. BFN.

October 2011: Added progesterone suppositories to the Clomid and Progesterone.  BFN.

November 2011: Ended up in the ER, thinking I was having panic attack. Mixture of Clomid and Progesterone Suppositories made me guano nuts. BFN.

December 2011: OB/GYN was insistent that I continue as above, then abruptly left the practice. BFN.

January 2012: Saw new OB/GYN. Had HSG procedure, which came back negative. D/C’ed Metformin, and increased dosage of Clomid to 150mg. BFN.

February 2012: Eighth and final round of Clomid. BFN.

March 2012: New OB/GYN refers us to an RE in the big city. BFN.

April 2012: See RE. Recommends change in diet, as well as Femera, pending my blood test results. BFN.

May 2012: Back to RE. He says that my insulin levels be crazy, and that it’s time to go low-carb. Started Paleo, and losing weight every day. Starting Progesterone to induce CD1, and Femara on days 3-7.

Mid-May 2012: Two weeks into Paleo, and the patches on my skin have started lightening, I have no more hypoglycemic episodes, and can sleep through the night without anxiety. Oh, and I lost 12 pounds. BFN.

June 2012: Maintained weight loss. First ovulation in recorded (Hammond House)fertility history. Continuing with Paleo. BFN.

July 2012: Another round of Femara. Ovulation recorded on July 30th. Paleo continues!

August 2012: Out of the blue, a few days after the birth of our third niece, we got our positive pregnancy test! Official due date is April 23rd.

April 2013: Sweet baby Joely Jane is born on April 10th at around 9am.


One thought on “The Road So Far…..

  1. Megan says:

    Hi Aubrey
    I have scoured this site to find an email to contact you… I don’t quite know if there is a contact. I just stumbled across your post about your traumatic birth and whilst very different it is also so similar to my story and wanted to send you a message privately . I don’t usually do this but what you wrote just hit me hard and i felt like I needed to reach out to you. Feel free to delete this comment but I couldn’t find any other way to make contact.

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