Oh Happy Day: Moms, Day 7 of Paleo, and Dr. L’s musings.

First of all… let’s kick out the Mother’s Day jam!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

She’s kinda purty, ain’t she?

My mother has been supportive, loving, and strong ever since I was young. She knows what she wants, and goes for it. She has been a CrossFitter for almost a year now, and looks and feels great! She’s a phenomenal nurse, and is just shy of getting her Nurse Practitioner’s license. This time next year, we’ll have so much to celebrate!

Love you, Mama. Thank you for being you! (And I’ll be there tomorrow to celebrate in person! Surprise!)

Also, in the same vein….. My husband is phenomenal. Since I’m not *technically* a mother yet, he still wanted me to feel special…. and so I walked into work this morning to find this:


Soon after, I received a text from my husband, with a gift he made for me:

Sweetest. Husband. Ever.

Life is good, and keeps getting better.

For a lot of us who struggle with infertility, Mother’s Day can feel like a slap in the face. I’ve seen a lot of posts in that vein lately, and while I definitely understand those sentiments, I see it as an opportunity to remember all the Moms in my life….

Beautiful girls.

I’m so proud of my sister. She is an amazing mother, and my niece is happy, healthy, and growing like a weed. This time next year, she’ll have another bouncing baby girl, who will inevitably also be happy, healthy, and loved. Thank you for showing me how fun motherhood will be, Mandy! Happy Mother’s Day!


And a dear friend.

Michelle, I haven’t seen much of you in this last year, which is horrible. But I love your blog, your warmth, and how clear it is that you love your son with all that you have. Your mothering is intentional. Anyone who reads your blog or knows you knows how much thought you put into how you’re raising your son, and I have no doubt that he will be an amazing man. Happy Mother’s Day, Michelle!

To all Moms…. Rejoice in what you have, and know that we all support your endeavors, and appreciate you for what you do!


On to Paleo!

I am currently on Day 7 of going Paleo/Primal. And I’ve lost a total of 7 pounds in 7 days.

This is not normal weight loss, mind you, and I’m pretty big…. so I have a lot to lose.

As far as how I’m feeling, the first few days were really tough. All I could think about were carbs of any kind, and SUGAR. I wanted donuts, cupcakes, brownies, and twizzlers. I wanted to bake to my heart’s content. And after a couple days of that, I sort of just transcended the sugar addiction.

Today? It looks like my tummy has deflated a bit. I’m getting more and more used to eating meals that don’t involve carbs, and I’ve been getting a bit more adventurous and creative in the kitchen!

My new favorite meal is something I created called the “Paleo Taco”, which is an egg, fried in coconut oil, covered in spicy ground bison. This is also something the sweet husband loves as well, so it’s a win-win situation for me! I’ve also loved the fact that Wendy’s now offers a sweet potato as one of its sides, and while it comes with a little cup of “cinnamon butter”, my refreshed taste buds rejoice as if I’m eating a friggin’ Snickers bar just from eating the potato alone. I don’t NEED that sugar stuff!

That is something I really love about this new way of eating. It’s like my taste buds have really awakened to the subtleties of foods, so I get to eat them in a different way. I had no idea that almonds were sweet! I didn’t realize that sweet potatoes didn’t NEED 3/4 cup of sugar and marshmallows to be deliciously sweet on their own as well. And more often than not, I find myself craving some sort of protein at each meal, not carbs or sweets.

I’ll keep you guys updated as time goes on, but my body feels *healthy*. I haven’t had any dizzy spells, sugar highs or crashes, and I feel very alert, even when I wake up early in the morning.


And lastly…. I had another appointment with Dr. L this past week.

He decided to go ahead and put me on a drug called Femara, which is used as an Estrogen-blocker for patients who have breast cancer. (He thinks it might help with my over abundance of Estrogen, which could help me ovulate.)

But he offered a caveat: “Time to go lo-carb on your diet. You need to get serious. Your insulin levels are *screaming*, and our ultimate goal here is not to see a positive pregnancy test, but a healthy baby on its way home from the hospital, carried by a healthy Mom who will be there for the baby until she’s old and gray.”

Yes. Finally, a doctor I agree with.

5 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day: Moms, Day 7 of Paleo, and Dr. L’s musings.

  1. First let me just say your mom is adorable!!

    Second, I’m tippy-tapping this from my phone so please ignore typos.

    Your doctor sounds amazing. I love what he said in regards to a healthy baby coming home home from the hospital… That is so true!

    I’m excited for your healthy adventure into Paleo as Shay and I have tossed the idea around. We may be trying that once our lives get settled again. Keep up the great work and the posts! I love finding a healthy eating style that allows you to eat better, try new things and makes you realize that you don’t “need” all of that other stuff all the time like you think you do. It’s a hard habit to break, but once you do it feels like pure freedom!

    • Really, it was hard to break, and I’m sure it will be for a good month or so. But honestly, my body just feels like it’s in tip-top shape!

      Thanks again for all your support, lady, and once you guys move and get settled, we should go on a double date!

  2. Diane Halstead says:

    Aubs, you are awesome, I love your zest for life and your continually effervescent optomism! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and I am proud and humbled to be your mom!

  3. Yay! That’s so awesome! Congrats on week one, I’m glad you feel so good about it! 🙂 Low-carb is a challenge for me because, without processed sugars, I am a fruit junkie. But one step at a time, learning to replace bad with good and then getting good under control.
    I’m so happy for you! (Also, your husband is so sweet!)

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