Media: How music and movie quotes are my preferred form of communication.

Do you ever have a moment where your own words seem to fail you, and you wish you could just communicate with a song, or with a scene from a movie?

Yeah, well…. I sort of do that, anyway.

It all began as a child. My Dad worked in various roles for a large Midwestern chain of video stores when I was growing up, and we were always getting “screeners” in the mail; distributors wanted the company my Dad worked for to buy a bunch of copies of their movie, so they sent them free copies before they were released.

Lucky me.

Usually, they were crappy movies that needed plugging. Like, my Dad never got things like Jurassic Park, Titanic, Home Alone, or Disney movies, since none of them needed to be pushed hard by their distributors. People would most likely buy those movies in mass quantities for their video stores, because people would rent them in droves.

I ended up seeing a lot of movies I probably shouldn’t have at that age, but, I think, are now a solid part of how I relate to the world. The same goes for music, though.

I was raised on MTV. I would come home from school, and I couldn’t wait to see what was on BuzzKill. I couldn’t wait to watch Daria, and even mores so, I couldn’t get enough MUSIC. I loved Mariah Carey, Aerosmith, Boyz II Men, Green Day, the Smashing Pumpkins, Salt n Pepa, Oasis, Alanis Morissette……I even had one of those music subscriptions, where you bought one CD, and they sent you fifty gazillion more for a cheaper price. I still have my “The Cardigans” cd…. I also still have “Tails” by Lisa Loeb.

Media taught me how to feel. I remember wondering why I wanted to cry when I heard “Your House” by Alanis Morissette for the first time. Why am I so sad? Why do I feel physical pain when I hear this song? I wasn’t sad and hurting a moment ago, and now, I feel like I’ve been grounded for a month and punched in the stomach! Around this same time, I saw “The Lion King” in the movie theater, and it was the first time I remember sobbing when seeing a movie.

Fortunately, as I grew up, I started using my media to my own benefit. I use it as a way of communicating with my family, friends, and the outside world.

One of the earliest memories I have of this being true was getting “Scream” as a screener. The dialogue in that movie was so “smart” for the teenagers that were lucky enough to be its vessel. (Little did I know, that’s just the way Kevin Williamson is when writing for teens.) I remember spouting the lines from that movie with my sister, without really thinking about it.


“It’s called TACT, you —-rag!”

“Did you really put her liver in the mailbox? Because I heard they found her liver in the mailbox next to her spleen and her pancreas.”

I really think that started it all.

As a freshman in High School, I remember perfecting my Austin Powers/Dr. Evil impression, and making people laugh, complete with flailed pinky and evil laugh. (If I could go back and correct my outfits/behavior/awkwardness, I don’t think I would…. I’m a dork, and I’m okay with it.)

From that point on, I have such vivid memories of meeting new friends based on their interests and ability to quote things I loved. My group of friends later in High School were proficient in quoting Dumb and Dumber, which, obviously, was a necessity.

When I met my husband, I knew he was “The One” for SO many reasons….. but one of them was his wide-ranging love of Media. He could not only quote SO many movies, but he used those quotes to explain his feelings in certain situations so I cold understand them better.

“Husband always had a way of explainin’ thangs in a way I could understayund theyum.”

Also heard in the Hammond house: "I must'a drank me about 15 Docta Peppas."


I know when he’s trying to really communicate with me when he starts a sentence in the following fashion: “It’s like, in (Movie Title), when (Character) says……”. It’s perfection. As long as you know the movie, you can understand the feeling.

In no particular order, here are a bunch of quotes that are used in everyday Hammond life:

1. Flames….. on the side of my face….. HEAVING breaths…..

One of our fave movies in the Hammond house is Clue, featuring a group of actors and actresses that understand subtle comedy. When we’re explaining how furious we were, the above quote always feels right.

2. Anything from “That Thing You Do”.

Some examples?

A man in a REALLY NICE camper wants to put our SONG on the RADIO! Gimme a pen…. I’m signing, you’re signing, we’re ALL signing!

Preeeeeeesidential flashcards?”

 The ONEders!”
“It looks like the O-N-Eeders.”
“No, the ONEders!!”
“Got it, looks like the Oneeders.

There is always a quote from this movie that is applicable to everyday life.

3. “We’ve got NO FOOD….. We’ve got NO JOBS….. Our pet’s HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!!!

C’mon. I’m sure most of you say this at your house all the time. If you’re not sure where this quote comes from, I’m not sure about our potential for friendship.

4. Anything from “Super Troopers”.

I’ve you’ve missed this movie, you’ve missed it all. Such gems as, “MOVE THAT GIGANTIC COTTON CANDY!” and the entire “Shenanigans” conversation are readily available in many Hammond conversations. I haven’t laughed as hard watching a movie since seeing Dumb and Dumber in the movie theater as a kid.

Also…. seriously? The “snozzberries” kid is married to Christina Hendricks?! I have no idea how that happened.

5. Most Christopher Guest movies.

We love Christopher Guest. We love “Best in Show”, “Waiting For Guffman”, “A Mighty Wind”…. and my husband loves “This is Spinal Tap”.

Some faves?

And I’ll tell you why I can’t put up with you people: because you’re BASTARD people! That’s what you are! You’re just bastard people! And I’m goin’ home and I’m gonna… I’m gonna BITE MY PILLOW, is what I’m gonna do! ” – Waiting for Guffman

Well, you OBVIOUSLY don’t know my DOG!” – Best in Show

Don’t leave them cold and damp! Use our buttocks straps and penis clamp! Suuuuure flo, Suuuuure flo.” – A Mighty Wind

(I’m not sure why I always sing that….. maybe because the melody is catchy? Sure. Let’s go with that.)


Those are just off the top of my head.

Remember when we made Mix Tapes? When that was considered to be the ultimate form of communication?

And, I mean, it used to be HARD to make a mix tape. You’d have to record each song on cassette tape perfectly. You’d write down the songs first, to make sure that you get that *perfect* order to things. Then laboriously record each one, making sure to have an appropriate break between songs, and that each side of the tape had enough space to record exactly what you needed.

When all was said and done, if you were like me, you had something that really echoed what you felt inside.

That was another thing that made me fall in love with my husband. His ability to make a PHENOMENAL “mix tape”, even if it was in the form of a CD instead of a cassette. Each song would just feed the next, and could make me feel almost anything at all. (I love him. Just a side note.)

What quotes get thrown around in your house? What movies and music do you use to communicate, when your own words seem to fail?


3 thoughts on “Media: How music and movie quotes are my preferred form of communication.

    • Phil, I totally should’ve included “The Sandlot” in my list.

      I regularly refer to my dogs as “the pool honeys”. When it’s hot, I can’t help but telling the world that I’m “baking like a toasted cheeser”, and frequently, if I want to call someone out for their cowardice, I ask them to “Vote then. Who wants to be a can’t-hack-it, pantywaist, who wears his momma’s bra?”

      Clearly, we can be friends.

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