Expletive: Why today, my blog title is relevant.

Here on GreatMinus8, I try to post both about the great days and the minus 8 days. Conquering the fear of needles, trying a new diet, and seeing that I have viewers from at least 7 different countries makes me feel a little better on those crappy days.

Unfortunately, today, it’s a *EXPLETIVE* minus eight day.

I had the most amazing dream last night about giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. She was everything I could’ve imagined, and I was so sad when I woke up, realizing it was all a dream.

As the day went on, I realized that it was a week since my last progesterone test, and I hadn’t received a call back with the results. When I checked in with my doctor’s office, they had some news.

I hadn’t ovulated.

While normally that’s no news at all (I almost never do), they said that, because I’d been on the highest dose of the ovulation-inducing hormone Clomid, and I hadn’t ovulated, that they weren’t comfortable treating me anymore, and it was time to send me on to someone else.


My reasoning for hating this plan? I get charged a mere $10 copay for going to my current MD, as she’s also my primary care provider. They are very careful to bill me properly to ensure I don’t pay sky-high rates for “infertility”, and I only get charged if it’s unrelated to previous visits, which is essentially never.

Now, the “specialist” I’ll have to see is an hour away, and costs $50 per visit. I’ll also most likely be taking costly medications that may/may not work, and be getting injections several times in my cycle.

What fun.

Maybe, though, I can see this as a positive move. Maybe this new doctor will be able to help me where the other MD couldn’t, and maybe they can offer me some hope where the other wasn’t sure about much at all. Hoping for better days, and an awesome referral.

2 thoughts on “Expletive: Why today, my blog title is relevant.

  1. Molly H says:

    Aubrey, we just started seeing a specialist, and while it is expensive, the confidence and optimism she has given me is priceless. I’m actually cautiously optimistic instead of pessimistic and cranky, as I have been the past 2 years. There are good and bad things about a specialist–in the end, though, if it results in that beautiful baby girl, you won’t care!
    Take care, you’re in my thoughts and prayers!

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