Paleo: It’s the best/worst idea ever!

First of all, a quick update.

I am in complete control of any anxiety I’d been feeling. I think that, after a couple months off of the hormonal therapy, my nerves are recovering, and I’m SO much happier. Moral of the story? DON’T USE non-oral delivery methods of progesterone, and if you do, discuss *any* side effects with your doctor, particularly because the use of Progesterone suppositories is so experimental.


So the husband and I are making our first attempts at going Paleo/Primal. For a quick brush-up on what that is, see this neato info-graphic!

Still with me?


So we went shopping at our local butcher, and to Kroger. I was SO enthusiastic about our trip to Kroger, because we found incredible amounts of grass-fed, organic meat, including bison, free-range chicken, and humanely raised pork. The Kroger close to our house has a GINORMOUS organic section, we went a little crazy.

This is what our shopping trip looked like:

The above includes three packs of free-range, organic chicken breasts, a humanely treated pork tenderloin, HUGE scallops and grass-fed steaks from our butcher, a grass-fed roast and grass-fed ground beef, cage-free omega-3 added eggs, and two whole free-range organic chickens.


And that didn’t include our veggies!

*Quick thanks to the husband, for taking pictures and ‘stylizing’ the food beforehand. *

From the photos above, you see that we got a lot of food.

What you didn’t see was the fight to figure out what to eat, and when to eat it.

What sauces were we allowed to eat? How were we supposed to eat all of those greens without any salad dressing? And how do you cook squash?!

The first night was relatively easy…. we went with simple staples.

Mouth watering.

And it.was.delicious. These were the steaks we purchased from our local butcher, and they were succulent, juicy, and required little more than my kosher salt/pepper/garlic powder rub and some butter in a cast iron skillet to taste incredible. We are also allowed some grass-fed, organic butter, so I added some butter and pepper to my broccoli…. which was so tasty, I wanted to lick the plate.

If only meals stayed that easy.

The carb craze took over the next day…..

THIS is what I felt like.

Only instead of steak, think cupcakes, pasta, rice, toast, french bread, and gallons of fountain coke.

No amount of eggs, ground beef, dressing-less salad and broccoli could sate me OR my husband.


We are still working on it! But I think next week, we’ll completely empty our cupboards of the grains BEFOREHAND. Having these delicious fellers in the house gave me the carb sweats.

Oh's! Served with a side of scored mouth for weeks.

Wish us luck. We have a metric crapton of delicious, healthful Paleo/Primal food at home, and no desire whatsoever to eat it.

I know deep down that this could truly reverse my PCOS….. so there is *some* part of me that desperately wants to disconnect from the carbs. I just need some help finding that part of me now, instead of the part that loves baking so damn much.

2 thoughts on “Paleo: It’s the best/worst idea ever!

  1. Mary says:

    Good luck! It is definitely worth it and the cravings will go away : ) I now crave things like fruit and sweet potatoes instead of cookies and cupcakes.

  2. Sounds great, the carb cravings will go (I did a similar dirt but called eat for your body type I actually needed some carbs in order to function others didn’t so if your body is telling you you need carbs you might!) We find sweet potatoes, butternut squash make good chip / pot alternatives . We don’t avoid them now but a portion is about a third of what it used to be and pasta is deemed a special treat not a staple lol!
    Good luck, and enjoy!

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